Sunday, November 22, 2015


Sunday, November 22, 2015. Three months have passed since my last blog post! hihi. #OccasionalBlogger. Yep. Living up to the name. Hahahaha. Before I share to you about my look for this blog post, here's a mandatory "Sharing about how my life has been over the months of AWOL in the blogging world" introduction. Hahahahaha.

Okay so... how's my life right now? Pretty much the same except that God has granted me one of my life long wishes. Can you guess what it is? Yes, for me it is a Grand thing that happened in my life. My mom, who has been away from us for almost 20 years is finally reunited with us. I couldn't be happier! Although it's a lot of adjustmnet and acceptance to make but I know God is good and he'll make everything better in time. We just have to remeber to keep praying and keep having faith!

And now, I share to you an outfit I wore a loooooong time ago. Hahahaha. That's FOUR friggin' months ago and I chose to only blog it now. Lol. Might as well include the #LazyBlogger hashtag on the loop. Haha! Anyway, I'm busy with life, okay? I'm a busy and always tired banker who wishes she could travel the world and wear nice clothes for a living. Hahahaha huhuhuhu. So moving on with this look, my friend invited me to lucnh for her birthday last July (It's a long time ago right???). It was held at the Grand Convention Center here in Cebu. I know, I'm sorry if it's an ugly normal look. That's sort of like an impromptu I-just-got-whatever-clothes-I-had-in-my-closet-and-wore-it look. Whatevs right. Hahaha. But I hope you guys like it!

What is this girl's problem?? hahahaha.
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Temple Run

Constantly have to remind myself that it's okay to make mistakes and bad decisions. After all, it is through messing up that we learn and be better individuals (Anong drama toh? Lol). Just a food for thought on this gloomy Saturday afternoon. Man, I'm bored! haha. Hello again blogging world! It's been such a while since my last post. I have to say I quite miss this. The chill days of spending time with my friends and doing fun shoots. By the way, it's my birth month! Woohoo hello, August! This month has a lot of holidays too so I'm really looking forward to that. haha. But most importatntly, I'd be turning 23 this month! Phew! Can you believe it? Coz' I can't!! Honestly, I'm scared to grow up! It takes a lot of responsibility being an adult ( like a full blown responsible, independent, smart, reliable adult. lol ). So help me God to live this life!

 Location: "Temple of Leah" Busay, Cebu City

Laid back and basic is the in thing right now, I noticed. So in this style post I'm wearing just that! Not only is it the fad right now, it's also my personal style. I don't like being over the top and being too dressed up. hehe. 
Hope you guys enjoy today's post!

Location: "University of San Carlos Stadium" Talamban, Cebu City

Location: "University of San Carlos College of Nursing" Talamban, Cebu City

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Talk Your Walk

When that part of your life comes when you start to ask yourself what you're living for and what your purpose is, that's when you realize that you're not getting any younger so living your life to its utmost fullest is an imperative thing. That's when you start to think that there should be meaning in everything we do and that in whatever it is that we associate ourselves with, it's what makes us happy. I don't know why I just thought of this all of a sudden but it's definitely something to ponder on. (In short, OA ra si ate. Hahaha)

Anywaaaay, how's Summer going so far for ya'll?? I don't know about you but every inch of me is itching to go out of the house and hit the water! Salt, fresh or with chlorine. Whatever! Lol. This summer heat is killer!

But before I start to brag about how excited I am with all my upcoming beach trips this summer season (live life to the fullest, rememberrrr?), I would want to share with you guys this new online shoe brand that I found out about and I really fell in love with it and it's cause. It is a brand that does not mainly want to earn money from shoes sale but they also want to raise awareness about growing issues all over the world that needs our attention. Their brand is called, "Standfor" and you can access their website here.

This awesome and emerging new brand is out right now on a pre-sale period which is only availabe to my blog's readers and lucky for you, you'll have total access to their very first collection and have first dibs on their product before they fully go public and launch their collection. So go ahead you guys! Check them out and let me know what you think! I personally love their designs because they are so cool and unique. And also think about it, if ever you get to buy a a pair or two, you'll be helping raise awareness globally.

Their first collection is called the "Smoke Less Collection" and is dedicated to the reduction of smoke in people's lives and the environment. Pre-SALE period is still going on and runs until April 19, 2015. You can shop through this link: unconventionalflairXstandfor. Go ahead and check them out!

While you're at it, here's an outfit post for you guys. Wore this on a casual day out with my friends. We didn't really intentionally have a plan to do a shoot that day but one of my friends brought along her dslr camera with her and we had nothing better to do. Haha. Had I known we would be taking pictures that day, I would have dressed more fabulously for a blog shoot. Lol! This is all I have for you guys haha but I hope you like it anyway. I call this look the I-Don't-Understand-What-I'm-Wearing look! hehehe. ;) Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think, yeah?