Friday, April 25, 2014


During holy week, which also means a long holiday weekend in our country, my family decided to go to Oslob, a southern town in Cebu City. It's a 3-hour ride from the city and going there, we pass by other different historic towns and their old churches. We stopped by five churches from different towns and prayed one mystery of the rosary in each of the churches. We call this
"Visita Iglesia". We also prayed for "The way of the cross" and did three stations in each town.

Here are some pictures of the historic churches.

Oslob is actually a very popular tourist destination and a lot of people from other parts of the world go there especially to see the famous whale sharks or "Butanding" (That's how we call them in Cebu). That was also one of the main reasons we went there, to see the sharks ourselves and to relax and enjoy the beach.

Now for the whale shark watching, here are some of the photos we took. They were huge but I thought they look adorbs. Haha. I hope these photos will inspire you to come visit the island of Cebu and come to Oslob!   :)

When we went there, it was like the peak season. We arrived super early about 6am and there were already a looooot of people.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Addicted To You

Spent a Saturday lunch with some of my close friends from college. Its really really great to see some of them again especially not being able to see them in a very long time. Being with them brings back awesome college memories and it makes me miss school so much. lol. One of my friends just came back from her home town after several months and we just had to go out and have a get-together and catch up on things we missed about each other's lives. haha. This is what I decided to wear on that day. I took out this high-low black top that I love and paired it with this tight fitting floral skirt. As you might have noticed or will have to soon notice, I love black so much too. My fave color might be green but when I buy clothes/shoes, I tend to choose black more because this color is such a closet staple. And of course, you can easily pair it with any other color. My love for black gave rise to my blog post title (which I was finding hard to come up with), 'Addicted to You' just because...yasssss, you get it. haha. xx

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