Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweater Weather (Hello 2014!)

By the time I'd be finishing this post, it would already be Goodbye 2013, and hello 2014!! Yaaay! 

A whole new year means a whole new beginning, a whole lot of new experiences, a whole lot of new people to meet, and I'm just so excited of what 2014 has to offer. I am so thankful for the bountiful blessings God has given me this 2013. I'm grateful that despite all the struggles and obstacles in life, He is always there to help and guide us. 

Cheers to this new year and let's make every moment count! :)

I decided to post these photos just cause this season's weather is the sweater kind of weather(does that sound redundant?) lol. Hope you like them! :)


A|S Collection sweater
Terranova shorts
MNL Shoe Exchange sandals

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tres Diciembre

Time flies so fast, I can't believe its already December! But woohoo! Its the season we've all been waiting for. The season of remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, the season of giving, loving, sharing, and the season where everyone in the family are gathered to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. :)

more photos on my older post here :) drop by and leave a comment! they're always welcome here :D


photos by SameiYoon

Monday, November 18, 2013

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We Run The World

Here’s another one of my look-for-less outfits that I came up with on an Avalon blog shoot with my fashion bud. Check out her blog here. On this look, I wore a baroque button-down top over my favorite black cami from forever21. This top is actually sold on our online/facebook shop A|S Collection. Hope you guys can check the clothes out and tell us what you think! We only sell to buyers from Cebu (Philippines) though but even if you’re not from Cebu, I wish you can still check out our shop! Heeee. 

Out of all the clothes on our collection, this top is one of my favorites. I’m just so in love with its amazing print and did I mention that all the items in our shop are pre-loved? They are great vintage finds that we have scouted for all our buyers. As I've mentioned on my previous blog post, I love to thrift and my friend and I had this idea to sell vintage clothes that we have bought and make it into a small business. Well, we really just started out and we are just seeing how well it will go. I hope one day we’ll be big time and hey, maybe the next thing we know, we already have our own clothing line wherein all the clothes are exclusively designed by us! Oh ha! Hehehe. 

See another way of wearing this amazing top on our shop here. As for my way of wearing it, I made use of it as a cardigan or cover-up over my basic black cami and high-waist shorts. I finished it off with my ankle booties to make it more edgy. With this look, it totally seems like “I RUN THE WORLD” hahahaahha.  XD okay, I’m just actually looking for a connection between my blog title and my outfit. Lolie!!! :D still legit right? Hahaha. OK.


Forever21 cami
Forever 21 headband
Forever21 glasses
Fioni boots
Thrifted shorts

photos by: Samei Yoon

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Roof Is On Fire

My days lately has been mostly boring given that I'm not working anymore. I should be having more time making blog posts but  I've been really feeling lazy for the past 2 months. haha. But......it doesn't mean I'm not trying to  look for a job. I am. I just have to make sure this time that I'm happy with where I get myself into. I also have been doing a lot of pondering about my life and I realized that I really really want to do something that I love for the rest of my life. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Soooo...from time to time, if I have time aand money  (lol), I make it a point to  do something I love, living life, going out, doing fun things. Because you know what they say, YOLO (You only live once).That's kind of my new motto. haha! 

One of the things I take so much interest in is fashion and styling.I like taking outfit shots with my fashion buddy and hopefully I'd be more adept to this fashion blogging. I'm such a newbie here. haha! I have to say, I'm not a very privileged person like all the other girls out there who could buy almost any fashion piece they want. As for me,since I am still not able to support myself independently and buy all the clothes I want, I strive at thrift stores which are actually really not that bad and if you know how to scout well, you'll always find something very fashionable.  After all, what's really important is your ability to make something very unique and beautiful out of it. That's where the fun styling goes in! :)

Someday soon I'll  be living my dreams and no one can stop me! hehe *wink  #FreeToDream

Now on to my outfit. I love to thrift and believe it or not, both my top and my pants are vintage. I really like how it paired well together. We shot these photos at the rooftop of my friend's condo. My fashion buddy and I really love it here because it such a beauty and it such a great location to do a shoot. I hope someone out there likes my outfit! hahahaha. #nangagarap. I should really be finishing up this blog post because its almost midnight! Be leaving you guys with the other photos from our shoot! Good nightyyy. :)


Adidas snapback
Primadonna shoes
Thrifted top & pants

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

At the Park

So I tried to join this F21 contest last week but really wasn't able to because I don't know, maybe it got something to do with one of my outfits? The contest required us to submit a photo entry which contained a favorite F21 piece of clothing and styling it into three different looks-amazing contest by the way and I was so up for it. I then texted my fashion buddy and told her all about it so we came up with our looks and decided on when and where to shoot it.

And so, we decided to take our shots here at Asiatown I.T. Park in Lahug, Cebu City. Parks are really great locations for outfit shoots and I love all the trees here. It sends  in such a positive and relaxing vibe. Can you tell too by looking at these photos? Anyway, as I was saying, I wasn't really able to technically join the contest because of some submission issues but no worries because I'm happy to be sharing my outfit shots  with you here on my just made-up blog. I hope you like them!

This is one of the three outfits that I came up with
despite my fail attempt to join the 
contest. lol.


Forever21 Dress
Forever21 Leather Vest
Forever21 Shoes

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