Friday, March 28, 2014

Street Style Rebel

Warning: Very long post ahead. haha.

Have you ever had that moment in life where you question yourself and your whole existence? Where you ask yourself if this life you have and where you are now is where you want to be? I've been blessed enough to be able to graduate from college with a Management Accounting degree and yet I'm still not in a position where I am working in a job that is related to my field. Quite honestly, I chose Accounting as my course not because I love Math or numbers (Gosh, I hate Math) but because I was thinking logically and I thought that this course would give me a lot of job opportunities in the future. God has presented me with a lot of opportunities already but deep down I know that the Accounting field is really not for me. I've been trying so hard to apply in banks or in any position related to my course and every time, I had to screw it up. Nevertheless, I've been offered jobs in companies where I didn't even apply in and yet I strongly feel its still not where I want to be and I turn them down. What is wrong with me?? Well I guess that would answer my question. At this point of my life, I still don't think I'm where I want myself to be. It just sucks so much that I feel like no one is here to support me and to cheer me up and to inspire me to do what I really love. No one understands me and believes in me and supports me and I just feel like crying! I have to tell you, Accounting is not (never) my first choice. If I had all the freedom and money in the world to choose my course, it would be with no doubt, Fashion Design or any Fashion course. Gosh, I'm so sorry if I am being so dramatic and if I even have any readers out there (which is a scarcity. LOL.), I hope that you'll make sure that you do whatever it is that makes you happy. Don't waste any moment. Make the right decisions in life. If by the time you'll have to go to college, make sure to choose the right course for you! Please! I am, writing on my blog just to let it all out. I'm confused as hell. You know? you just want to succeed and make your family proud and support them and you've been trying so hard it just feels so frustrating. All I ever wanted is to land a job that I'm a 100% sure I want to be in. It doesn't have to be the perfect job. It just has to make me feel comfy and happy about it. This blogging thing really helps me a lot though. This is also one thing I'd love to do professionally in the future and so I'm taking small steps. Its where I want to express myself and my love for fashion. Geez, I really hope there'd be a lot of fashion jobs in the Philippines. Lol. Anyway, back to blogging, I'm not a very good writer but I guess the trick is just to pour it all out and just say what's on your mind. I don't want this blog to sound so formal like every word and phrase is carefully thought and written. Tsk. And oh, I'm not even sure if my grammar here is spot on (apologies if I do have grammar/spelling issues here that I don't know of) but what the hell, I just want this blog to be casual and fun like a diary or journal. hehe. :) As long as you could understand me, right?

Anywaaaaay, to twist all the negativity on the prior things I've shared with you guys (see first par.), the good news is, I actually got a job at a well-known and huge telecommunications company here in the Philippines. I'm actually very happy about it except for other few things about it but hey, I guess no job is perfect right? This job though is not so official yet. Its because we still haven't done any contract signing yet because our training (which will be held in Manila) schedule is still not final. Its been almost a month of waiting now. Lol. So just enough time for me to contemplate again and argue with my complicated self if I really want to work at this company. lol. What's wrong with me again? Hence, my overly dramatic blog post. I'm still currently waiting for them to update us (new hires) about when we would start. But seriously, I'm tired of waiting and this has got me to all sorts of thinking if I should go look for another job but then again, it would get me all confused again. lol. Maybe I'm just an over thinker. Yeah,I guess that's it. Probably bipolar too. lol.  >.< #crazyassbitch

These are my happy faces. lol. Despite everything I'm feeling, I choose to remain positive. Wooot!

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In other news...
I'm so proud and happy to present the latest pieces of A|S Collection. If you're from Cebu Philippines, please check it out: StreetStyle Rebel: The Urbanized Collection. To all of you guys who may not be from Cebu, I still really hope you could all check out our page and let me know what you think! :)

Here are some of the photos from the shoot w/ my girlfriends. Photos are edited by my friend Samei Yoon. Enjoy!

The blue comfy shirt I'm wearing here is one of the items from our collection. I was assigned with all the styling and my business partner (*wink) was taking the photographs but all in all, we helped each other out with all the functions. haha. To stay true to the theme of our collection, we all went for that grungy feminine look. We made all our models and ourselves wear black boots and snapbacks. Denim was also added into the mix with minimal to no accessories to keep it simple.  Hope you love them!

Till next time!


Janylin boots (borrowed from a friend)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green & Denim Love

Sharing with you guys some of the things that I love so much in fashion right now - boots, denim, and the color green (same shade as my skirt above & military green). I know that summer is fast approaching and I should be leaning on to summery pieces more but I just can't help it! Every time I see booties in malls (the kind that I love), it gets me all excited inside and makes me want to buy it so bad. Same is true with denim! Especially denim polo/jackets. I love it because it gives out that vintage vibe to your outfit plus you can use it with so many styles. Don't forget my ever so favorite color which is also 2014's color, GREEN! I own lots of green things and when I happen to buy one that I really love, as you can see, I wear it over and over again. Take my skirt for example! hihi. Remember that in my previous post? :)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's post! Let me know what you think! :)

Apologies for the sizes of my photos. Will improve on my next blog posts and I definitely need to vary my shots. lol. Amateur blogger here! Heeeee.  Til next time!

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Much love,

Thrifted Denim Jacket
Payless Boots