Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green & Denim Love

Sharing with you guys some of the things that I love so much in fashion right now - boots, denim, and the color green (same shade as my skirt above & military green). I know that summer is fast approaching and I should be leaning on to summery pieces more but I just can't help it! Every time I see booties in malls (the kind that I love), it gets me all excited inside and makes me want to buy it so bad. Same is true with denim! Especially denim polo/jackets. I love it because it gives out that vintage vibe to your outfit plus you can use it with so many styles. Don't forget my ever so favorite color which is also 2014's color, GREEN! I own lots of green things and when I happen to buy one that I really love, as you can see, I wear it over and over again. Take my skirt for example! hihi. Remember that in my previous post? :)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's post! Let me know what you think! :)

Apologies for the sizes of my photos. Will improve on my next blog posts and I definitely need to vary my shots. lol. Amateur blogger here! Heeeee.  Til next time!

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Much love,

Thrifted Denim Jacket
Payless Boots


  1. You look so rad!!! Love the cute skirt!


  2. Gorgeous look! Love your denim jacket!

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  3. Beautiful ! <3 nice blog :) follow for follow?

  4. Great look, especially loved your thrifted jacket, also great location for shooting!

    OceanWind Blog

  5. love this outfit, so chic.
    I love that shade of green <3 green is such an underrated colour in fashion and the blogosphere so it's nice to see it once in a while :D
    love it <3

    1. Thank you so much Mariel! <3 I love this shade too! <3 Really glad you like my outfit and your comment means a lot. Thaaaaanks! :)))

  6. This jacket is super cool! You look gorgeous!

  7. lovely outfit pairing the LBD with the oversized denim jacket! I'd totally do a combo like this too!

    Check out my new outfit post and share your thoughts! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  8. You look pretty!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow back! ;)

    1. Thank you Isa! I'll follow right back! :)

  9. Fantastic look dear! ;)