Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cosmic Geometry

It feels so great getting to be within the walls of your Alma mater again. 
It's so nostalgic! Even though I admit that my student life was really
challenging (whose isn't?), great memories still remain in my heart. During this year's "Foundation Week" or the Intramurals of our Alma mater, my friends and I decided to visit. It was so
awesome being in familiar grounds and getting to see that nothing much has changed
and it feels like only yesterday that I've walked through those halls.
It definitely brings back memories! So here's what I wore on that day. Just feelin'
a bit casual. Tell me guys what you think! :)

The hopeless artistic person in me also kicked in and have edited some of the photos for you guys showing "Cosmic Geometry". Hence, the blog post title. Haha! You guys might have already figured out what photo editing site I used. They had this new feature that only runs for about a few weeks or so. I usually don't like their features but this time, I really enjoyed it. Yeah I know it's amateur but I had a lot of fun editing some of my pictures! Hehe. Enjoy!

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Till next time,

Giordano cardigan
11AmClothing sandals
Sunflower top (forgot the brand!)
Brown jeggings